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The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service

VoiceAbility is the new provider of NHS Complaints Advocacy for 29 of the 33 London Boroughs and covers Lambeth. 


NHS Complaints Advocacy supports people through the process of making a complaint about the NHS, ensuring their voice is heard, and replaces the former ICAS services.

VoiceAbility is a leading national provider of advocacy and involvement services and  has been serving people in London for well over 10 years. All of our staff in London are qualified and experienced in providing NHS Complaints Advocacy.

The new service focuses on:

  • Empowering people and supporting those who find it most difficult to express their concerns to be equipped, confident and effective in pursuing their complaint
  • Ensuring accessible information and services for people who require advocacy support to pursue their complaint, so that all voices can be heard 
  • Building and nurturing local relationships, including local authority partners, NHS provider complaints and PALS leads, local Healthwatches and community groups and leaders
  • Working in partnership to ensure complaints help improve healthcare and health services for everyone.

Email them

Helpline: 0300 330 5454


Textphone: 0786 002 2939


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