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Smart Garages-Bus Route

Hi All,

FST recently won a competition with the Business in the Community arc programme for an advertising campaign on Transport for London buses (TfL). The campaign was launched on the 20th November and features a poster on the back of all TfL buses where we have garages (Bexley, Woolwich and Lambeth). You may already have seen the advert on a bus near you.

We are keen to ensure that we maximise the opportunities that the campaign will bring us so we would be most grateful if you would help us by putting a link to our website on your website. The relevant link is http://smartgarageservices.co.uk

We would also be grateful if you could tweet the news to your followers and share it on your Facebook page. I have attached a copy of the advert for you to use. Please feel free to add any comments you feel appropriate.


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