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Opportunity to influence Lambeth’s “Local Offer”

The Lambeth Autism Group is holding their coffee morning on 8th April, as usual, at Holy Trinity Church Clapham Common from 10am to 11.30am. Their guest is Andrew Blow, SEN consultant, who wants to consult with local carers of children on the autistic spectrum about the "local offer".

As this date falls in the school holidays members are welcome to bring their children. The meeting room is small but the Church has grounds and is on the Common if space is need to stretch your legs. If you can't come, but want to contribute please email the Lambeth Austism Group before Tuesday.

What is the local offer?

When the Children and Families Act comes into force in September, local authorities will be required to develop a ‘local offer’ in order to give information about provision both in and outside the local area that is likely to be used by children and young people with special educational needs (SEN).  In developing the local offer, the local authority should involve children and young people with SEN, parents and carers, and service providers.(Source NAS website)

For more information on the local offer:

See the NAS website:http://www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/education-and-transition/primary-and-secondary-school/extra-help-for-your-child-in-school/extra-help-in-school-england-and-wales/preparing-for-change-sen-reforms-england/local-offer.aspx


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