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Online course for carers of people with psychosis and schizophrenia

The Carers Hub has recieved news of a new course which many of you will be interested in: -

“My name is Juliana Onwumere and I am psychologist working at KCL and SLaM.
At King's we have recently developed a new online course focused on some of the relevant issues for carers of people with psychosis and schizophrenia.
It is a global course and open and free to anyonein the world be part of. All you need to do is register.
It is a two week course designed to offer an in-depth understanding of some of the key issues and questions relevant to carers supporting people with psychotic disorders, including:
·          Why is schizophrenia commonly described as psychosis?
·         How can we best understand psychosis and its key symptoms such as hearing voices?
·         What are the links between cannabis use and developing psychosis?
·         Can psychosis affect physical health?
·         How do medications work and what effects can they have?
·         In what ways are siblings of people with psychosis affected?
·         How can psychosis affect a carer’s health and their relationships?
The course includes a mixture of activities such as talking head videos, quizzes, written texts and opportunities for moderated discussions between learners.
The course includes people with lived experience of caring and a number of academics and clinicians from psychology, psychiatry, pharmacy and nursing including :
- Professor Sir Robin Murray (Chair of The Schizophrenia Commission) 
- Professor Elizabeth Kuipers (Chair of the NICE Guidelines for Psychosis and Schizophrenia)
- Professor David Taylor (Author of the Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines)
- Professor Mike Slade (100 Ways to Support Recovery- A guide for mental health professionals)
The course has been designed with carers in mind but it would also be relevant for any student or professional working in a health setting with psychosis and carers.  No previous knowledge of psychosis or experience of caring is required to take the course. 
The course is based on approximately 3 hours per week study, and starts 12th October 2015. Enrolment is open from now.  
The key point of the course is that you can study how you like, in your own time. It is about flexible learning, in a style that best suits you (e.g. if you want to do five minutes, you can do that, if you want to study for more, you can do that too). So if you want to study after the two weeks that is fine, as long you have signed up, as you will continue to have access.”
To sign up simply visit the website below:


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