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Lambeth Cabinet to decide on changes to Taxicard scheme

Following the recent public consultation programme on proposed changes to Lambeth's Taxicard scheme, Lambeth's Cabinet will decide its new policy at its meeting on Monday 25th July (6pm, Room 8, Lambeth Town Hall).

This is a public meeting. You can find the agenda and papers for the Cabinet meeting at http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=225&MId=7643. You can also ring Democratic Services for further information – 020 7926 2170

The report and additional papers can be found by scrolling down the agenda page for the Cabinet meeting to item 14.

The main change to the original proposals is that Double-Swiping will be retained but that the extra funding needed to allow this would be found from a further reduction in the annual number of trips from 104 to 96 ((it was previously 144 a year).

Cabinet will be considering the following recommendations:

To increase the minimum customer contribution per trip by £1.00 from £1.50 to


(2) To Allow Double Swiping (This allows users to swipe their Taxicard twice in order

to go for longer journeys)

(3) To reduce annual trips under Taxicard scheme to 96 from 144.

(4) To continue to permit unused monthly trips to be rolled over to the next month.

(5) To reduce Lambeth’s subsidy by £2.00 per trip to £8.30 (day time) £9.30

(weekends) and £10.80 (at night). The subsidy is the amount Lambeth pays

towards each trip and the current tariffs are £10.30 (day rate), £11.30

(weekends), and £12.80 (night time).

(6) To agree that the Council will review the scheme in a year’s time to take

Account of usage volume and costs to decide whether further change is needed.

(7) To note and take account of the outcomes of the consultation exercise set out in

Appendix 1 and of the equality impact assessment set out in Appendix 2.


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