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Get baking for the great Macmillan Bake Off!

Macmillan `Bake off' 1.30pm
Minet Library will be hosting our first ever `Bake Off' 26th Sept 2014.
However, we ask that you `bake and bring'. We do not have the full
facility to have a full bake off but that won't stop us.
Heres what you need to do.
1 Submit your name and contact details by emailing
minetlibrary@lambeth.gov.uk, tel 0207 926 6079
2. Submission fee is £2 - proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.
Although we can never have too much cake, we need to limit entries to 6 participants.
Thorntons special selection of goodies
A carefully selected panel of judges will be the lucky tasters.
Minet Library 11.30-4pm
52 Knatchbull Road,
Contact tel 0207 926 6073
Email minetlibrary@lambeth.gov
Macmillan Cancer

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