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Family Services facility for disabled children open for business in Lambeth


Caudwell Children, a national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, has recently launched a Family Services facility in the Lambeth area.

The service helps parent’s to access statutory support and funding, and also provides equipment, treatments and therapies, to disabled children with a range of conditions.

The facility, managed by Jaime Smith, is already working with 20 families throughout the district and in other areas of London.

Jaime, who has an academic background in Psychology and Health Psychology up to Master’s Degree level, and has worked in Children’s Services as a Support Worker and Healthcare Worker, is delighted by the response that she has had since the charity launched in the region. She said: “I’ve had a steady flow of families and agencies contacting me to find out how we can support them. This has resulted in me spending time with the families to assess their needs.”

Following an initial assessment, done over the phone or in the home, Jaime identifies how Caudwell Children can best help each case. As she explained: “For some it means signposting to other service providers, for others it could be filling in funding applications or supplying mobility equipment or even accessing cancer treatments. Or it could simply involve giving parents invaluable emotional support.”

For many it’s a case of sitting down and helping parents to complete the necessary paperwork to access statutory support: “Some families simply don’t know where to start,” says Jaime. “However, even when they have got the process underway filling in the required forms can prove to be a considerable challenge. Funding applications, and letters of support, have become a necessary part of my workload in order to help families get what they are entitled to.”

It would appear that families, throughout the region, have quickly grasped the value of Caudwell Children’s work. Parents groups and social services have also been spreading the word, ensuring the successful launch of the services.

However, Jaime is keen to build awareness levels amongst social services, and the disabled children’s team, in Lambeth. As she concluded: “We’ve not had many requests for support in this area and I’d like to change that, “she explained. “The more people know about our work, the more children we can help. It’s that simple. As long as families can prove that they fall within our financial threshold, of having a household income of £45,000 or less a year, we will support them.”

For further information on the services that Caudwell Children provide, contact: jaime.smith@caudwellchildren.com or ring Jaime on 07901 575651.

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