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Be SCAM aware

Trading Standards have asked us to bring this to the attention of the members of the Carers Hub as carers in other boroughs have been resilient in identifying  and preventing scams of their relatives. 

Trading Standards today confirmed there has been an increase in scams against older people in Lambeth who are vulnerable, hence we are helping them to promote the Scam Hub project.

If you become aware that the person you care for has been part of some kind of scam please encourage them to report it to Trading Standards on:

Tel:  020 7926 6109 or email tradingstandards@lambeth.gov.uk

Download SCAM Hub Project Informatoin Sheet here

Download SCAM Hub Advice Sheet here

More information below:

Each year mass marketing scams cause approximately £3.5 billion worth of detriment to UK consumers. In addition, the psychological impact of scams can seriously damage individual consumers trust in genuine mail marketing methods. 

Scams are often targeted specifically at vulnerable or disadvantaged consumers, such as those already in debt. These consumers can suffer disproportionate levels of harm as a result of mass marketed and other scams. Furthermore, mass marketing of scams continues to increase as technology allows greater pinpointing of potential victims. 
Research conducted in May 2009, on behalf of The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) by the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology, found that a significant number of victims kept their decision to respond to a scam private and avoided speaking about it with family members and friends. The research also showed that scams cause psychological, as well as financial, harm to victims.
According to the OFT a mass marketed scam is a “misleading or deceptive business practice where the person receives an unsolicited or uninvited contract (e.g. by letter, email, phone or advertisement) and false promises are made”, about prize draws and lottery wins to con the victim out of money. 
In 2008 a survey conducted by Help the Aged and Barclays revealed that seven out of ten older people in Britain - more than 6.6m people – are targeted by scams every month, either by telephone or letter. 
22,000 victims replied to one scam mail shot and sent £500,000 in one day!  20 pensioners in Cornwall collectively sent £350,000 to criminals who work in organised gangs!
Each year approximately 3.2 million adults fall victim to these scams.

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