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August Theatre Group Trip


This is to let you know about the next exciting show coming up to the Young Vic and I would absolutely love to invite you to come as part of the Carers Hub Lambeth group to come along to see a wonderfully dark Irish Comedy that will leave you crying with laughter or astonishment!

This show was on last year and was SO POPULAR the Young Vic decided to bring it back in all its Irish Glory!

So have a read below and let me know what you think. If you would like to come please let me know what dates you can make.  The more dates you can come to, the more chance of arranging a date when everyone can go!

This is open to all carers on our network.

Please call the enquiry line on 020 7642 0038 or email connect@carershub.org.uk to let me know what dates you can do.


The Beauty Queen of Leenane(Recommended for ages 15+)


In an Irish village in the early 90’s - a lonely spinster Maureen and her devilishly manipulative mother Mag live together, not in peace and harmony! Maureen is desperate to get out and find love, but who will look after her mother if she leaves?

You won’t want to miss this unique blend ofmelodrama, horror, bleak tragedy and black comedy!

Two Boroughs Community Tickets available on the following dates

Wednesday 10 August at 2.30pm

Saturday 13 August at 2.30pm

Maximum of 25 tickets are available so let me know by the 18 July so I can book with the Young Vic.

Thanks, I hope to see you there!

Louise Marie Holden, Carers Hub Lambeth

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