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Anti-Bullying week

We are forwarding details of an anti bullying workshop being run by Contact A Family on 22/10 at the Henry Fawcett Children Centre (From 10am to 1pm). To book a place please phone:  020 7326 5270 or email    meram.aydin@cafamily.org.uk. Please do not reply to us (I know it's easy to hit reply by mistake)as your email may not be forwarded in time.

Anti-bullying week runs from 17th November and has a focus on children with SEN. The NAS has published a guide about bullying for parents/carers of children with autism and you'll find it through this link.


There is also a guide for teachers because ( and this won't be news to parents/carers and enlightened professionals)

pupils with autism are particularly at risk of bullying.


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