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A course for mental health carers

Training Programme

Coaching Conversation Skills for Carers


Thursday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th September & 1st October 2015

and a follow-up session on10th December 2015


Are you fed up with “walking on egg shells” and would like to try another way?


Are you interested in trying a coaching method to have different conversations with the person for whom you are caring?

This approach can complement treatment and therapy.


The benefits for those in your care include helping them to:


Ø  Make more informed choices 

Ø  Take more responsibility for their daily activities

Ø  Consider things from different perspectives

Ø  Manage challenging situations


The benefits for you as a carer include:


Ø  Building a repertoire of personal techniques and skills to support you in your caring role

Ø  An opportunity to practise core coaching conversation skills in a supportive environment

Ø  Helping you to have more productive conversations



You must be:


Ø  Caring for someone who is being treated within South London & Maudsley NHS Trust

Ø  Able to attend all the sessions


Places:                21 – applicants considered on a first come, first served basis

Venue:                 Training Centre, Reay House, Lambeth Hospital, SW9 9NU

Times:                 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Cost:                    This programme is being funded by SLaM and delivered by  

      Slam Partners

Closing date:    21st August 2015

Text Box: To apply or for further information please contact:  	

Christine Tedder, Business Manager, Slam Partners 
by email: Christine.tedder@slam.nhs.uk  
by phone: 020 3228 0969

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