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Updated SLaM website

Updated SLaM website


Over the past few months we have been redeveloping the site based on the feedback we have received from users and analytical information we have about how the site is used. We have redesigned the website to make it easier to use as well as adding some exciting new features.

More detail about the changes

Based on the information we have we’ve introduced a service finder search option to the home page of the website. We know that approximately 65% of people currently accessing our website are using it to find out about our clinical services so we want to make it as easy as possible for them to find out information about the services we provide. We’ve also introduced an enhanced service finder search page which allows users to search for services in a number of new ways.

We know that a large number of people visiting the site want to know about the hospital services we provide, how to get to hospital and how to get help in an emergency. In response to this we have made these key areas a prominent part of our home page. We’ve used a combination of text and images to make it clear to people who may be in distress.

You will also see that we have introduced a range of pages about mental health conditions. We identified the top 15 condition searches on the website and worked with experts to write information pages about each condition. Additionally we have added information films on each condition. These films join a library of more than 200 films which give specialist information about mental health conditions.  We have also introduced a new menu system designed to help you easily navigate around the site.

How the site works

The site has been built using very modern technology. IT systems and software are continually evolving and you may find that when you access the website from your work PC it doesn’t display correctly. The likely reason for this is that you will be accessing the website on an older version of a website browser. We’d like to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with the website and if you or your colleagues have problems viewing or using the website we recommend that you contact the ICT Services Desk on 88888 and ask for your browser to be updated.


We hope you enjoy using the new website, we welcome any feedback you or your colleagues have. You are welcome to contact us any time by email: communications@slam.nhs.uk or call us on 82830.


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