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Professionals Resource

The Carers Hub Lambeth offers information and advice to all professionals in contact with Carers. 

Link to download Carers Hub Referral Form.  You can also call, email or give the carer our details so they can self refer.

We can come and talk with your team to raise awareness of how to identify Carers, what support we can offer to your team and how we can work together to support Carers.

You can contact us via our Enquiry Line Service on 020 7346 6800, connect@carershub.org.uk.

Scroll down to sign up to one of our two email lists (one is aimed at mental health professionals and stakeholders while the other has more general news). There are also sections of the website with information about the different services and events we offer.

How to refer to Carers Hub

Link to Carers Hub Lambeth Referral Form

Carers Legal Rights

This covers the key legislation and Government policy applying to carers. Here you can find out what legal rights carers’ have and what Government would like statutory organisations to do for carers in England.

Below is a brief overview of Acts of Parliament that are relevant to carers.


Why do a Carers Assessment?

A carers’ assessment gives carers the opportunity to say what could help them with their caring role. Carers have a legal right to an assessment.

All professionals who are in contact with any carer, or who meet new carers, should ensure that they are given the option to have this formal opportunity to talk about their needs. This is a statutory obligation for social care and other council staff.

If a carer says they do not want an assessment, find out why. It may be that they cannot see the point, do not understand what is on offer, or don’t feel comfortable talking about their needs (as opposed to those of the person they care for). You must be able to explain to them why a formal conversation about their needs for support might be valuable to them and not just another pointless bureaucratic process.

Having their own assessment allows the carer to meet with a social worker or health worker to:

  • look at what help they need to support them as a carer
  • find out what help and support may be available
  • make a decision about the future


Resources for professionals

There is a wealth of online information available.  The links below cover the main issues.

Our web page for Mental Health Carers: http://carershub.org.uk/advice/MH/

Information from the Carers Trust: http://professionals.carers.org/

Information from Carers UK: http://www.carersuk.org/for-professionals

For a guide to Respite and Carers Breaks in Mental Health Care for professionals and carers click here


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